Release date: 2022-10-27

New Feature:

1. Upload WhatsApp voice notes or audio files on Work Order Attachments

2. New Service Manager fields

3. New quote report template


4. Improved Work Order Assignment (dispatching) speed

5. Quote process improvements


6. Fixed Inspection Report manufacture/brand drop-down menus

1. Users are now able to upload audio files such as WhatsApp voice notes to Work Order Attachments

2. The following fields have been added to Service Manager with Service Manager Signature only required if the selected Service Manager is a licensed plumber

  • Trade Test Certificate Number
  • Licensed Plumber
  • Service Manager Signature

3. Updates have been made to the Quote Report template to accommodate changed fields (see point 5)

4. Improved dispatching speed. Also, display required field for the selected job type

5. Improved the quoting process.

  • Ability to add more than 3 to-do items
  • Assign a Service Manager to a quote
  • Service Managers are able to accept/decline quote
  • Service Managers are able to create a new job from a quote

6. In the Inspection Report, the Brand drop-down menu now correlates with the selected Manufacturer