Release version:    SERV V4.1

Release date:         2021.09.15

Release status:      Deployed

We are very excited to bring the new Platform Version 1.5 to Field Services Cloud (FSC).

With the new POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) regulations which has taken effect on July, 01 2021 we are in the process of shifting the system compliance to align with this act. We will gradually phase these changes in resulting in all personal information being masked throughout the system. 

With these changes in mind, all user access is still similar to how it was before.

Please note the following User Interface changes:

Sensitive / personal information will now be masked throughout the system.

Currently the following personal information will be masked:

  1. ID Number
  2. Contact Number
  3. Email Address


  • Users can reveal the mask by clicking on the 'eye' icon next to the value.
    • This will reveal the specific field value for 60minutes to ease user experience while navigating to and from this record.
    • In order to comply with the POPI act, each value revealed by a user will be logged and saved in our audit trail.


Examples of masked data on a /view page: 

Note that additional fields have also been added to add the Source and Purpose of the information, in terms of POPIA. However these fields are optional and not populated at this point in time. The purpose of these fields is to categorize all POPIA relates information for future reporting purposes. These fields can be viewed/edited in the Info section.

Examples of masked data on a /list page:

Examples of un-masked data on a /list page:

Masking of report / exported data:

Additionally please note that reports generated by the system (or manually by users) will also be masked by default.

  • Users who require un-masked data in their reports or exports, will have to request our helpdesk to activate this option on their user profile (click here).