Release version:    SERV V3.14

Release date:         2021.03.24

Release status:      Successfully deployed

Bug Fixes:

  • SERV-611 - Unable to complete Outsurance Geyser Installation Report

The Details highlighted below only displayed when the answer of the first question was set to No. This was changed to display when the answer is Yes / No.

  • SERV-612 - Lazy loading the job tables on the dashboard

Performance enhancements have been applied to a number of pages including the Office Agent Dashboard view. 

Please log a ticket with support should you experience any performance issues. (

  • SERV-614 - Fix amounts on FSC: User buys tokens and/or SMS bundles email

On purchase of tokens or SMS bundle an email is send to Finance to create an invoice. The amounts on this email was limited to 2 decimal places.

  • SERV-616 - Cannot search Tel Numbers

Existing contact numbers have been updated to remove all empty spaces as per the E164 format. This will ensure that the search results are more is accurate and prevent duplicate clients being created.

  • SERV-628 - Questionnaire not loading in dropdown

The questionnaire drop down list was empty. The appropriate questionnaire will now display.

  • SERV-629 - InvoiceStockItemFacade Prod log concern

This is a system generated error that was found in the event logs and fixed. 

This change has no impact on the frontend or users.

  • SERV-631 - Duplicate credit notes

Duplicate error notes where displayed. This integration to OMNI was enhance to not create duplicate credit notes.

New Features:

  • SERV-617 - What's new icon (FSC)

A new icon has been added to the Dashboard page. Please click on this link to open the new Version Release Notes folder on the FSC support portal.


  • SERV-625 - Improve schedule views

The schedule view has been improved to display the case number and the clients surname which will assist in locating a specific case quick and easily from the view.

Note that we have also add the time to the due date of the work order in order to display the task on the calendar according to date and time.

  • SERV-626 - Driver report - remove inactive drivers from list

The Drive Report has been improved to display only the active drivers when the report page is loaded. However the user is still able to report on inactive drivers when selecting the new Show Inactive Drivers tick box.