Most of FSC's functionality revolves around creating, editing, dispatching, invoicing and completing Jobs. In some situations it may not be desirable to directly create a Job, but rather have a separate Job in a waiting state. Reasons for waiting could be, the true problem is yet to be identified or the location of the client is unknown or the client is waiting for a quote before the job commences. In such a case a Quote can be created. A Quote is a simpler version of a Job where the details can be organized and the issues resolved. Once a Quote reaches the accepted status a partially prefilled Job will be created using the details provided in the Quote.

A Quote is an optional simplified forerunner or stepping stone to the creation of a Job. Once a Quote is accepted a new Job will be prefilled out using the details from the Quote. Both the Quote and Job will continue to exist independently.


Quotes can be accessed by first opening the Main Menu [1] and then selecting Quotes [2] (See below).


This will bring up a list of quotes (See Figure 2 below).

[1] + New Quote can be used to create a new quote.

[2] -> can be used to view all the details of an existing quote (Once viewing a quote the status or details can be updated).             (double clicking anywhere in the row also has the same effect)

[A] Shows the client the Quote is for and the To-do 1 (what the quote is about).

[B] Shows the status of all the current Quotes.

    Figure 2: Quote List (A central location where all quotes can be viewed and accessed from)

Creating a New Quote

To start the process of creating a new Quote click the button + New Quote [1]  (See Figure 2 above). 

Fill-out the compulsory fields

  • Client [1]
  • Todo Item 1 [2]
  • Todo Item 1 Amount [3] (The amount entered can be any numeric amount negative or positive)
  • Todo Item 1 Comment [4]

as well as any other relevant fields.

Once all desired details have been entered into the form the Quote can be saved by clicking the Save [5] button (See Figure 3 below)

    Figure 3: Quote Form (Used to capture new details for a new Quote and update existing details on an existing                          Quote)

Viewing and Modifying a Quote

The view shown in (Figure 4 and 5 below) are reached either by selecting an existing quote with the arrow -> [2] in the Quote List (See Figure 2 above) or after saving a new quote by clicking the Save [5] button (See Figure 3 above).

[1] Buttons used to edit the quote details or delete the quote entirely.

[A] To do List (indicates in more detail than Figure 2 what needs to be done)

[B] General details regarding the quote such as the client.

    Figure 4: Top of Quote View (Used to view all details regarding a quote as well as the options to modify the                             Quote)

Creating and Updating a Quote Status

To create a new quote first navigate the the view (see Figure 5 below). It is reached either by selecting an existing quote with the arrow -> [2] in the Quote List (See Figure 2 above) or after saving a new quote by clicking the Save [5] button (See Figure 3 above).

A Quote status cannot be modified once created. If the Status is incorrect and a modification is desired, the incorrect Status can be deleted and a new one created.

[1] Click to create a new Quote Status

[A] List of all quote status. (Click the Dustbin/Trash icon to delete a Quote status)

    Figure 5: Bottom of Quote View (Used to view all Quote Statuses and create new Statuses)

After clicking + New Quote Status [1] (See Figure 5 above) a new Quote Status Form will be displayed (See Figure 6 below)

[1] Select a status for the given quote. This status in not permanent and can be deleted.

    If the Type selected is Declined an additional field will appear requesting the reason for the Quote being declined

    (Figure 5 above where the declined reason is "Fixed It Himself")

[2] Click Save to save the Quote Status

Note: After saving with the Declined or New Status Type the browser will redirect back to the Quote View (Figures 5 and 6)
Note: After saving with the Accepted Status Type the browser will redirect to a prefilled in New Job Form, which is used to create a Job. The prefilled in details are taken from the details provided in the Quote.

A quote status can be accepted, declined or renewed multiple times. A Quote is independent of a Job which means accepting a Quote multiple times will generate a prefilled New Job Form. The form is manual saved by the user and has no connection or knowledge of the Quote used to prefill the details.

    Figure 6: New Quote Status Form (Used to create new Status for the given Quote)