In this article we will show you how to Generate and submit a FOGI Report.

  1. Select the FOGI job on which the FOGI report should be submitted.
  2. Scroll down and click on the "View FOGI Reports" button.
  3. Scroll down to the relevant FOGI report you want to generate and Submit.
    1. After knowing what Report to generate click on the Green button on that Report
  4. After completing all the information on the report you will be redirected back to the Job view. Follow Step 2 to get back to the FOGI Reports.
  5. To submit the FOGI Report
    1. Go to the completed report and click on the blue arrow of that report
    2. After the page loaded, scroll down to the "Generate" button and click on the button.
    3. After the code has been generated click on the "Copy" button. This button will highlight the generated code and copy the code automatically.
      1. For easy FOGI Login you can click on the "FOGI Login" button.
  6. After the FOGI code has been copied go to FOGI, log in and go to the relevant FOGI Report.
  7. On the Open FOGI Report view on FOGI, Press the "F12" button on your keyboard.
  8. Paste the Copied code from Field Service Cloud and Press "Enter" o your keyboard.
  9. The FOGI Data generated on Field Service Cloud will automatically be on the Fogi report, ensure all the details are correct on FOGI and submit the Report.