To make payment status “Paid In Full” the following must be present:

This is only a requirement if the preference setting 'Require Payments to Close Jobs' is active. In order to learn how to change your preference settings, click here

  • An invoice has to be added to the job,that has been paid in full. in order to load invoices on a job the job status needs to be set to “Completed” or “Submitted To Finance”  *Note: If the job is set as dual payment, two invoices are needed to close the job.
  • If it is Submitted to Finance, and Omni is set up, we will automatically retrieve the invoices from Omni for the job, loading the stock items on the invoice as well. This will calculate the total of the invoice. If Omni is not set up, these stock items and payments need to be loaded manually on the invoice.
  • The invoice needs to be “Paid in Full” before the payment status can be made “Paid in Full”, however, if a payment is loaded, manually or automatically (through Omni), it will change the Payment     Status for you. It will also change the statuses to Invoice Pending, Payment Outstanding and Paid Partially, and it will attempt to close the job based on the job’s payment type and amount of invoices     loaded.