Here we will show you how to do a Damage/ Leak Detection report on Field Service Cloud. 

The report helps with insurance and also to keep track of the jobs while having relevant photos (linked to each job) uploaded to the system.

We will do a damage report on this article but the Leak Detection report works the same way.

1. Select the Jobs setting from the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

     Now select the Job for which a Damage Report would be generated - by clicking on the blue arrow as shown below:

2. When you are in the Job click on FeedBack Reports button as shown here: 

3. The system will take you to the feedback report category where the next step will be to create a New Feedback Report.

4. Now select the type of report you would like to generate ( Damage Report / Leak Detection Report ).

5. Also fill in / select the other options relevant to filtering the report as shown in this screenshot:

    Click on the Save button when you have filled in all the fields.

6. You will now be taken back to the Job card.

    If you need to add photos of the job or edit the report you have recently created - go back to the Feedback Reports category and select the report you have just created by clicking on the blue arrow.

7.  Here you can edit any of the fields by clicking on the Edit button and then changing the values as you wish.

      To add photos to the Job click on the New Feedback Report Status button.

8.  After you have clicked on the New Feedback Report Status button a new window will pop-up.

Select the Type of status from the dropdown menu as well as upload the job related photo on this page.

9. Once you have added everything, click the save button and the status will be updated as well as the photo will be uploaded to the report.

10. Once you have uploaded all the photos and have updated the report with all the information that is required then you can print it out by clicking on Generate Feed Back Status Report.

 Your report will now be generated in PDF format with all the photos attached including a detailed description.