The system generates the following reports:

  • Leak Detection Report
  • Damage Report

Depending on the Feedback Report Type you choose when loading a Feedback Report on the system, it will generate the correlated report.

The below example will generate a Leak Detection Report:

To generate the report, click on the View Button of the desired report:

On the page of the selected Feedback Report, there is a Generate Feedback Status Report Button, that you can click on to generate the desired report:

After generating the PDF Report, you can open it and view all details specified on the Feedback Report.

To add data that shows on the Feedback Report, simply update it in the Feedback Status Line Table (as shown below):

You need to select the desired Feedback Report you have already loaded and go to the Feedback Report Status Tab. Click on the + New Feedback Report Status Button:

After clicking on the + New Feedback Report Status Button, a pop-up will appear where you may upload a photo, add a comment and choose a type which best describes the comment and uploaded photo and click on Save:

After saving the Feedback Report Status, it will show in the Feedback Report Status Tab:

When clicking on the Generate Feedback Status Report, the report will download in PDF form and the uploaded photo will display in the Feedback Status Line.