On Field Service Cloud there is a new functionality to upload a Job Card received from University of Pretoria and process this Job Card and create a Work Order.

To Enable this functionality please contact Support to enable this.

How To Upload Job Card:

  1. Log in to Field Service cloud using your Login Details
  2. Click on Main Menu Icon
  3. Click on the "Job request Upload" menu item
  4. Upload the Job Card
  5. Search for the Client by typing "University"
  6. Select the "University of Pretoria" Service Client
  7. Click on the "Save" button
  8. The System is going to read the document and try to map all values to the specific parameters,
    • You do not have to refresh the page
    • Once the processing has been completed the page will refresh automatically
  9. When some of the values has not been mapped correctly you can map them by following these steps
    1. Click on the Value you want to be mapped
    2. Click on the "Copy" button
    3. Scroll to the parameter that has to be mapped
    4. Paste the value in to the text field
  10. Once you are happy with all the Values mapped you can click on the "Save" button